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JUNICHI is now joining as a new member in GATAFORNIA !!




山田純一 さまざまな大会で優勝経験がある新潟のトップサーファー。37歳になった今でも大会に参加する現役のコンペティター。バリに10年間通うなど海外での経験も豊富。過去にアパレル販売をしていた経験とリアルサーファーの視点で「GATAFORNIA」をサポート。


Junichi is one of the top surfers in Niigata, having participated in a great number championship events. Now 37 years old, he remains active in the field and is still participating in a variety of competitions. Extensive and on-going commuting to Bali over the past 10 years enhances his international and professional reputation. He is a keen supporter of 「GATAFORNIA」and has a broad knowledge of working in the apparel industry, with an in-depth knowledge gained as a veritable surfing guru*

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