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「GATAFORNIA collective」をベースに、世界に向けて何かを発信しています。






Welcome to “GATAFORNIA”

We are a vibrant and fun group of people who adores daily freestyle surfing on the West Coast of Niigata prefecture in Japan. We may be average in provision of technical skills (except for one guy), but our style has an excellent reputation for its great sensitivity.

We have been uploading with "#"(hashtag) on Instagram of the few, if the breathtaking photographs of the nature, our favourites being the majestic sunrise at the beach. This is the reason why our group is called GATAFORNIA (California + Niigata):The spectacular scenery here is like in California. In addition, the good reputation of our pictures and lifestyle encouraged us to create our own website and own brand T-shirts.

A small exhibition of our photos & T-shirts was held in 2015 all thanks to your support. Chemical reactions have been happening whenever people who are stimulated by GATAFORNIA act spontaneously. No one knows where 「GATAFORNIA」 is going on at the moment; however, only one thing we can assert is we will keep carrying and sharing our lifestyle which attracted to photographs, movies, fashions and cultures related to surfing. Although having said that, we all are the most welcome you to use [#GATAFORNIA] without any hesitation!

Annie with binn 



Live paint Mash-up

at binn



Annie Lena Obermeier

Yukinao Morita



Taro Koyama



Wataru shozzy



Kenyu Yamazaki

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